Switching to a MacBook Pro

Documenting my MacBook adventure as a long time Linux user

Buying a new computer?


I’ve started to abandon my desktop, since I do not utilize the GPU power 90% of the time. When I do, it’s either for video recording or video editting. I ocasionally play games (once a month if not less). A huge factor is also: I like to have everything locally on my machine as well as backed up to a drive AND a server. I also want to be able to unplug my laptop and have the same windows open still.

Why a MacBook Pro (what do I need in a laptop)?

I’ve tried to get myself to like the Framework Laptop 13, but the fans make a lot of noise since it still has a boring x86 chip. The battery life is way worse than the MacBook, and it has a horrible keyboard in my opinion.

I like Apple more than Microsoft in terms of OS (although GNU/Linux is still the best), and hardware-wise, the is nothing like Apple makes (the MacBooks).


I run GNU/Linux on all my machines (except for some VMs and my DVD/CD ripping machine), because I a: can’t stand Windows and b: can’t stand Microsoft’s “privacy” shenanigans.

I really mis some GNU/Linux features, but most of it is built right into MacOS. MacOS even supports yabai, a tiling window manager.

Replacements and supported software so far are:

Gentoo GNU/Linux tool/appSupported on MacOS? (Or replacement)
Kitty terminalKitty is supported, although I use iTerm2
Fish shellSupported
Element (Matrix client)Supported
Signal (messenger)Supported
opendoassudo, with alias
sxhkd/dwm key mappingskhd and karabiner-elements
binutilsxcode-select —install (why does this take like 1.2GB???)

Maybe, at some point, Asahi will be supported, but we can only hope for now.

So now onto the cool tips/tricks:

TouchID as sudo password:
doas nvim /etc/pam.d/sudo

And now add as the first non-comment line:

auth sufficient pam_tid.so

Also, if using iTerm2, set this in the Advanced tab:

iterm2 settings

More to follow later…